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de la Ossa Adobe given Governor’s Award

Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

SAN DIEGO: It is my pleasure to announce that the Los Encinos State Historic Park’s “De la Ossa Adobe Exhibit” project was awarded a Governor’s Historic Preservation Award for 2008 for the treatment and creative interpretation of the historic decorative wall treatments in Room 4.

This is a great honor for all those that have worked on, and supported, these projects along their circuitous path from earthquake, discovery/recovery, and building restoration–then into a major capitol outlay exhibit project. As many of you know this exhibit project hit many unexpected “hurdles” over the years, but owing to the dedication of the Service Centers, Angeles District, AHM Division, volunteer, and consultant staffs, ended up a very successful project. It is a shining example of how historic preservation and interpretation can be integrated.

The discovery of this historic decorative wall treatment led us to new research avenues and a much more informed understanding of the early inhabitants of this National Register of Historic Places property and its resources.
It also provided us with a great example of the value of our cultural resource management mission in stewarding the State’s historical resources—and communicating these significant efforts and stories to our visitors.

My heartfelt thanks go out to the all team members and supporters, and especially to Project Lead, Nancy Mendez, for coordinating the nomination effort.

Jim Newland, Supervising Historian
Manager, Resources & Interpretive Services
Southern Service Center

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